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The Medicare Bureaucracy: Ready To Disrupt Seniors’ Drug Coverage

Kathryn Nix –
September 1, 2010

In this blog post for the Foundry, Nix writes that we are not going to be able to keep our health plan(s).  

But, despite all the promises, a new report from Avalere Health shows that, in addition to the upheaval caused by Obamacare, the Medicare bureaucracy is taking administrative steps to change the Medicare drug program that will have adverse impact on seniors’ choices.  Millions of seniors will have to switch their prescription drug plans due to changes within Medicare.  Avalere is a private research firm founded by a former budget official from the Clinton Administration.

Its analysis shows that more than 3 million seniors—roughly 20 percent of those enrolled in stand-alone drug plans—won’t be able to keep their current plan.