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Medicare Part "D" For "Disaster"

Andrew M. Grossman –
February 10, 2006

In this article that was also distributed by Knight-Ridder, Grossman writes that,

 A rare bit of good news recently trickled out about Medicare's new prescription-drug entitlement. The entitlement will cost $678 billion over 10 years, rather than the $737 billion previously projected. The reason for this "savings"? It's partly that fewer seniors have signed up for the entitlement than the 33 million the government expected. And out of the 24 million now enrolled, only 3.6 million actually "signed up" -- the rest had no choice.

But this shortfall is really no surprise. So far, the program has been a disaster.


In a twist of irony, however, the failure of a drug entitlement, is leading to calls for greater government involvement in health care.