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Obamacare's Unpopularity Grows in New Poll

January 4, 2011

In this poll, which consists mostly of documents and tables, the firm finds that while some recent polls had indicated a lowering of opposition to President Obama's health care law -- in all likelihood, a diminishing of election focused opinion -- a poll released by the Kaiser Family Foundation and the Harvard School of Public Health concludes otherwise.

The Kaiser/Harvard survey found that the law is opposed by 50% of Americans, a sharp increase from December's statistics. The rise was mostly driven by an increase in opposition from the politically significant independent voters -- the survey found 57% of independents opposed the law, up from 41 percent last month.

Only 19% of Americans and 14% of independent voters describe themselves as "Very Favorable" of the law, while 34% of Americans and 40% of independents say they have a "Very Unfavorable" view of it. A full 47% of independents support repeal of the law, with or without a replacement. However, the news is not all good for opponents of the law. Only 33% of those polled approved of defunding Obama's law, while a full 62 percent disapprove of that approach. While a majority of Republicans surveyed support the defunding strategy, it clearly does not sell as well to the American people.

It remains to be seen whether House Republicans will focus on oversight and broader legislative votes (which are less likely to succeed), or to pursue a strategy of defunding and tweaking the law.