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Oklahomans Say Unions Prevent Schools from Getting Better

Brandon Dutcher –
June 19, 2011

In July 2010, the National Education Association (NEA) “decided that $3 million was just the right amount of money to spend in Oklahoma to support SQ 744, a ballot initiative that would have raised per-pupil spending to the regional average,” education reporter Mike Antonucci writes. “However, the union’s best efforts were only able to persuade 18.6 percent of the state’s voters. That comes to about $15.36 per vote.

“So what? It’s only money, and there’s plenty more where that came from.”

Perhaps when NEA and OEA replenish their coffers, they might want to consider some sort of feel-good PR blitz in Oklahoma. Because a recent SoonerPoll suggests that the union’s image could use some help.

The SoonerPoll survey of 518 likely Oklahoma voters was conducted November 5-11, 2010, using live telephone interviewers. The margin of error is ± 4.3 percent. The question: “Which view comes closer to your own: ‘Teachers unions help make schools better’ or ‘Teachers unions are an obstacle that keeps schools from getting better’”? The results: