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Politics and Climate Change

Shi-Ling Hsu –
June 11, 2013

In this article in Regulation Magazine (Vol. 36, No. 2) the author examines a prior article in the same issue by Bob Littman and writes that in regard to claimate change: 

My proposal is aimed at trying to remove emotion from perceptions of climate science. Unsurprisingly, the problem of pricing greenhouse gas emissions raises a number of non-economic issues. It seems as though no matter how objective and data-driven you try to be, climate change inexorably pulls you back into a morass of unresolvable value judgments and moral arguments. Granted, climate science has sometimes given the world cause for skepticism, but shrillness has crowded out reasoned discourse.

Littman's piece is reasonable and interesting and deserves serious consideration, as does the balance between carbon emissions and pricing on the economy.




Shi-Ling Hsu is an economist and professor of law at Florida State University College of Law.