Policy Documents

Prescription Non-Narcotic Assured Access Act

January 2, 2001

In this model legislation, it states:

Narcotic analgesics have been extensively used in the management of pain. Through the use of narcotics, patients have been spared a great deal of pain and suffering. In recent years, advances and developments in pharmaceutical technology have led to the development of non-narcotic alternatives that have proven just as effective as narcotics, without the unintended central nervous system side effects, and without addictive properties. Drug addiction and treatment expenses cost the state millions of dollars per year. Patients covered under state Medicaid programs may not have access to these newer products because of prior authorization or prior approval requirements.

This proposed legislation is designed to address a very narrow category of drug products used for the treatment of short-term, moderate pain states. This would assure that all MEDICAID patients have access to the best non-narcotic drug products available. All non-narcotic drugs used for the short term management of pain would not be restricted by any prior approval or prior authorization requirements. All rebates required to be paid to the state pursuant to contract agreements with the Health Care Financing Administration and/or the state, would remain in full force and effect. The purpose of this Act is to assure access to non-narcotic medicines for the treatment of pain, without restriction, to state Medicaid patients, all individuals under the control of the department of corrections or local jails, and all wards of the state.