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The Real Meaning of "TSCA Modernization": The Shift from Science-Based Standards to Over-Precaution

Angela Logomasini –
March 1, 2012

Proposed reforms to the nation’s chemical safety law—the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA)—threaten to undermine public health and innovation, according to a study published by the Competitive Enterprise Institute.  

A broad array of environmental and industrial interests are lobbying Congress for TSCA reform, claiming that “modernization” is necessary because the law’s risk standard and other provisions are insufficient. In “The Real Meaning of TSCA Modernization: The Shift from Science-Based Standards to Over-Precaution,” CEI senior fellow Angela Logomasini  explains that TSCA’s existing risk-based standard is one of the best on the books. It demands regulatory accountability, applying many of the measures found in regulatory reform proposals such as the Obama Administration’s Executive Order 13563 on regulatory reform.