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FCC vs. Internet Providers

Ryan Krause
August 7, 2008

Net Neutrality

Brian Costin
March 28, 2008

No. 93 - Effects of Impact Fees on the Suburban Chicago Housing Market

Brett M. Baden, Don L. Coursey, and Jeannine M. Kannegiesser
November 1, 1999

No. 69 Taking Aim at Gun Control

Daniel Polsby and Dennis Brennen
October 1, 1995

No. 54 The Killing Can Be Stopped

Randy Barnett, Joseph L. Bast, Michael Finch, Robert J. Genetski, David H. Padden, Daniel Polsby, and Herbert J. Walberg
November 1, 1992

No. 34 Partisan Gerrymandering: Harms and a New Solution

Daniel Polsby and David Popper
March 4, 1991

No. 2 Private Sector Participation in Chicago Mass Transit

Joseph P. Schwieterman
December 17, 1984