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Response of Citizens For Objective Public Education, Inc. (COPE) To 2012 Draft of National Science Education Standards

Anne Lassey –
June 1, 2012

The Common Core science standards address religious questions, then provide atheistic/materialistic explanations rather than more appropriate religiously neutral explanations, write the leaders of Citizens for Objective Public Education in their critique of the standards. The standards promote a religion courts have defined as secular humanism, which leads children to only accept empirical knowledge, while other disciplines teach there are many different ways of knowing. The standards also make no distinction between historical and experimental science, exclude religious groups from its diversity requirements, and make no attempt to comply with First Amendment protections of free speech and religion. The standards abandon the scientific method and convert science into an enterprise that rules by so-called consensus, which then purports to speak for all scientists. This seems to convert science from an enterprise that investigates into one that seeks to make social policy.