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The Right to Decide: LB 397 is Neither Significant nor Meaningful Reform of the Commission of Industrial Relations

April 1, 2011














The Commission on Industrial Relations Is An

Antiquated Relic


The statutory scheme that created the Commission on

Industrial Relations (CIR) is antiquated and needs reform

that favors the taxpayer. LB 397 does not favor the taxpayer

because it gives the CIR greater authority and provides no

additional transparency.

Comparability Defies Common Sense

LB 397 Creates Confusion:



LB 397 establishes different

standards to determine comparability depending on the type

of employer. This makes a complex process even more

complex and creates the potential for disparate impacts based

solely on the type of employer. For example, in LB397, the

CIR is supposed to compare public utilities based on a radius

or concentric circle analysis to ensure the comparison best

reflects the local labor market but this analysis does not apply

to any other employer classification.



Ability to Pay:



Only school districts are permitted to present

evidence of an inability to pay –not cities and counties.