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The Right Kind of Federalism

Rich Tucker –
July 23, 2013

In this post at the Foundry, and in First Principles, Rich Tucker writes that, 

Regular elections are a critical feature of American democracy. If you don’t like the way your town, state, or federal government is headed, you know you’ll have a chance to change leadership at the ballot box. Americans are always free to vote with their feet and move from one state to another. 



To improve their economies, Williams advises states to trim budgets, fix pension promises, and reduce taxes. How to accomplish each of those goals is up to state leaders. But the authors’ research indicates that the states that do the best job in those three areas are likeliest to thrive.

Washington could best help by staying out of the way. “The more you cut federal government spending, the better it is for federalism,” Moore concluded. We need to push power down to the states to unleash federalism and generate a race to the top.