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The Science of Climate Change: Statement By Senator James M. Inhofe Chairman, Committee on Environment and Public Works

Senator James M. Inhofe –
July 28, 2003

As chairman of the Committee on Environment and Public Works, I have a profound responsibility, because the decisions of the committee have wide-reaching impacts, infuencing the health and security of every American.

That's why I established three guiding principles for all committee work: it should rely onthe most objective science; it should consider costs on bsuinesses and consumers; and the bureaucracy should serve, not rule, the people.

Without these principles we cannot make effective public policy decisions.  They are necessary to both improve the environment and encourage economic growth and prosperity.

One very critical element to our sucess as policymakers is how we use science.  That is espcially true for environmental policy, which relies very heavily on science.  I have insisted that federal agencies use the best, non-political science to drive decision-making.  Strangley, I have been harshly criticized for taking this stance.  To the environmental exremists, my insistance on sound science is outrageous. (...read more)