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Sea Level Rising? Gore Buys Multi-Million Dollar Oceanfront Mansion

James M. Taylor –
April 30, 2010

One of the benefits of federalism is citizens can vote with their feet in choosing a state whose governance matches their world view. One of the benefits for Al Gore earning countless millions of dollars selling global warming alarm is Gore’s ability to buy property anywhere, and vote on what is and isn’t an imminent environmental crisis based on his real estate selection. 

Al Gore may tell gullible followers that rising sea level threatens to swamp global coastlines, but his recent purchase of an $8 million oceanfront mansion in tony Montecito, California, tells another story altogether. Prudent property investors do not purchase multi-million dollar oceanfront mansions if they truly expect them to be underwater soon.

But Gore’s choice of oceanfront property is just the tip of the iceberg, so to speak. According to the Montecito Journal, Gore’s new mansion sprawls over 1.5 acres (“we all need to reduce our ecological footprint”); contains fountains, a spa, and a swimming pool (even though Southern California is water starved, and alarmists tell us global warming will cause more severe drought and water restrictions); and contains six – count them, six – fireplaces (because burning carbon-intensive wood in only five fire places at once simply won’t do when entertaining Hollywood friends).

When Enron executives touted their climate-friendly energy production while simultaneously bailing out of the company on golden parachutes, people should have taken notice. When Al Gore tells Americans we must stave off climate catastrophe by purchasing renewable power and carbon offset credits from companies he owns, and at the same time Gore purchases an oceanfront mansion with over-the-top water usage and half a dozen fireplaces, people should again take notice.