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Seven Surprising Truths about the World

Ronald Bailey –
July 15, 2013

In this post at Reason, the author writes that, the incidence of cancer in the United States has been declining for nearly 20 years? That the spread of pornography correlates with a decline in rape? That average IQs are going up substantially all around the world? These are just some of the truths that are well-known to the scholars who study those subjects but generally come as a surprise to even the best-educated among us.

Reason finds these points about the modern world:

  1. Cancer Rates Are Going Down
  2. More Porn, Less Rape 
  3. Longer Life Expectancy Stops Population Growth
  4. People Everywhere Are Getting Smarter
  5. Trade Creates Jobs and Makes People Richer
  6. Local Biodiversity Is Increasing
  7. Markets Make People Nicer