Policy Documents

Sunday Sales and Georgia


Allowing sale of distilled spirits on Sunday in Georgia would give customers added convenience
and lead to increased revenues for the Georgia State Treasury. In fact, DISCUS estimates that
Sunday sale of spirits would generate between $3.4 and $4.8 million in new tax revenues for the

I. Customer Convenience and Impulse Buying

It can be argued that because a single bottle of spirits might last a distilled spirits drinker several
months, weekly purchasing opportunities do not matter. However, just as multiple distribution
channels are now more important than ever in the consumer packaged goods industry, so too are
multiple purchasing opportunities. Consider the following:

- For the important 35-54 year old demographic cohort, Sunday is the second most important
grocery shopping day of the week. Some 16% of 35-54 year olds do their grocery shopping
on Sundays. Since over 43% of total distilled spirits consumers fall into this age category, it
means that the distilled spirits industry is denied access to at least 7% of our customer base.

- An A.C. Nielsen study concluded that shoppers are more likely to buy on impulse on
weekends than on Monday-Friday. By limiting spirits sales to Saturdays only, the amount of
impulse susceptible exposure time distilled spirits customers have is cut in half.

- Shoppers tend to spend more on Sunday’s than any other day of the week. While the typical
grocery basket contains only $23.27 of goods Monday-Saturday, the Sunday basket has
$28.23 – 21% more than other days of the week.

Thus, Sunday has become an important shopping day in the American economy because of the
convenience customers enjoy when shopping on the weekend.