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Timeline for Obamacare: Regulations and Implementation

July 22, 2011

If you're looking for a timeline of the laws and regulations of Obamacare, here are several which have been produced by various entities. You may find a particular timeline more useful depending on what you're looking for.

Kaiser Health News: Implementation Timeline (graphically the most appealing)

NFIB: Timeline for Small Businesses (produced for small businesses)

Chamber of Commerce: Implementation Timeline (produced for larger businesses)

Heritage Foundation: Implementation of Major Provisions (produced for citizens)

The Commonwealth Fund: Timeline for Insurance Provisions (focused on insurers)

Employee Benefit News: PPACA Interactive Timeline (focused on employees)

Congressional Research Service: Medicare Provisions in the PPACA (focused on Medicare)

I hope you find these links useful in learning more about the regulatory structure and timeline for President Obama's health care law.

Benjamin Domenech (bdomenech@heartland.org) is managing editor of Health Care News.