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Top Ten Ways to Fix America's Health Insurance Market

James Frogue –
February 1, 2001
In this Heritage Foundation Backgrounder, Frogue notes that President George W. Bush inherited many problems when becoming the nation's chief executive.  Chief among those problems is health care. He states that, "today, an estimated 42 million people go without insurance coverage at some point during the year, and experts predict that--without policy changes and reforms in today’s employment--based system of coverage, this number will continue to rise." The administration should figure ways to move away from the employer covered insurance to something more innovative. He concludes that the administration should focus on "providing resources directly to individuals and families through refundable tax credits and defined contributions while reducing regulatory barriers for alternative pooling mechanisms and health insurers would unleash market forces that have been hamstrung by a complex and confusing set of contradictory federal and state policies. Such changes would usher in the kind of competition that the current system lacks and promote freedom, affordability, and choice in the health care sector. It is time to free the health insurance market to function as vibrantly as virtually every other segment of the economy in meeting the needs of all Americans."