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Washington Academy of Sciences: GMO Labeling Will Raise Prices

October 30, 2013

In this article that appeared in Heartlander, Alyssa Carducci writes that the, 

Mandatory labeling of foods with genetically modified organisms will raise food prices, according to a newly released study by the Washington State Academy of Sciences. The Academy reported scientific evidence contradicts many of the arguments made by opponents of genetically modified foods. The Academy published the study less than a month before a statewide Nov. 5 ballot initiative proposing to require GMO labeling on foods throughout the state.

The Washington state legislature requested the Academy conduct the study to resolve disputes about whether and how much Initiative 522 (I-522) will cost consumers if voters approve mandatory labeling. A mid-October poll conducted by the state’s only nonpartisan, independent polling firm found voters were evenly split on the ballot initiative just three weeks before the election.