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Why We Spend Too Much on Health Care

January 1, 1992

Health care reform is one of the most urgent needs facing America today. The high and rising cost of health care threatens to bankrupt individuals and small businesses, while millions of Americans no longer can afford to buy health insurance. Serious charges are being leveled against the quality of America's health care system, and proposals for reform that can only be called radical are seriously discussed in Washington DC and in state capitals around the country.

This environment makes Why We Spend Too Much on Health Care particularly timely. This book provides an excellent overview of the many factors that contribute to high health care costs and unnecessarily high spending levels--two separate issues, as the authors very correctly point out. I strongly recommended the book to my colelagues in Congress when the first edition was released in early 1992, and I am happy now to recommend this revised edition to every concerned American.

from the Foreword by Congressman Richard Armey (R-TX)

Executive Summary


Foreword - Introduction - Table of Contents (11 pages)

Chapter One: What Do We Mean by "Too Much"? (18 pages)

Chapter Two: International Comparisons (9 pages)

Chapter Three: Why Health Care Costs Are So High (23 pages)

Chapter Four: Why We Spend Too Much (17 pages)

Chapter Five: Non-Solutions (38 pages)

Chapter Six: Better Solutions (16 pages)

Chapter Seven: Where We Go From Here (5 pages)

Endnotes and Index (17 pages)