Heartland Institute Reacts to Obama Administration Shelving Smog Regulations

September 02, 2011

The White House on Friday instructed the Environmental Protection Agency to cancel a planned rule to tighten the Ozone National Ambient Air Quality Standards that regulate smog.

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“While President Obama’s announcement that he is withdrawing EPA’s draft ozone standards is a welcome development, EPA continues down the path of economic destruction by imposing costly carbon dioxide restrictions in the name of fighting speculative global warming. If the president is serious about relieving EPA’s oppressive burden on America’s economy, he will call off the dogs regarding EPA’s carbon dioxide restrictions, as well.”
James M. Taylor
Senior fellow for Environmental Policy
The Heartland Institute

“Abandoning the proposed smog standard is a good move, but the weight of government on the economy is still much too oppressive. Unless the president begins to roll back the countless regulatory oversteps he has already taken, along with those his predecessors imposed, the monthly jobs reports will continue to look like the one we just got for August – zero net new jobs, widespread long-term unemployment, and further economic stagnation.”

S.T. Karnick
Director of Research
The Heartland Institute

“This move is a fake to the right by the Obama administration and a superficial and deceptive one at that. EPA has unleashed a wrecking ball of new regulations that will jeopardize our supply of electricity by putting many coal-fired electrical power plants out of business. The set of ozone regulations withdrawn today is only one part of them.

“The others, still scheduled to become effective, limit mercury and greenhouse gas emissions and regulate water intake and coal ash, among other things. These regulations, it was recently disclosed, were published without any serious review of their impact on electrical supply and power costs to consumers.

“The revocation of the ozone regulations today doesn’t mean Obama is revoking his pledge that the cost of electricity will ‘necessarily skyrocket.’ ”

Maureen Martin
Senior Fellow for Legal Affairs
The Heartland Institute

(Note: One of Ms. Martin’s areas of expertise is environmental law.)

“It is refreshing to see that President Obama has finally taken notice of the burdensome regulatory environment that has contributed to the uncertainty that has stifled economic growth across the country.

“The president has continually given lip service to regulatory reform, but he must back those words up with actions that properly balance the needs of people with those of the environment. Given our nation’s bleak unemployment picture, the need for this to happen is more urgent than ever.

“The president will have the opportunity to join the bipartisan majority in the House of Representatives that has worked to highlight the costs of these regulations during his joint address to Congress next week, and I sincerely hope he lays out tangible proposals that do so.”

John Monaghan
Legislative Specialist for Environmental Policy
The Heartland Institute

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