The Heartland Institute is a prolific publisher of books, Policy Studies, Policy Briefs, Tip Sheets, and Research & Commentary collections on important public policy issues. Descriptions of books and ordering information can be found here. A complete list of Policy Studies and other research reports with links can be found here.

Heartland publishes a series of books under the title Climate Change Reconsidered produced by the Nongovernmental International Panel on Climate Change. The fourth volume in the series, titled Climate Change Reconsidered II: Physical Science, will be released in September 2013.

Heartland also hosts PolicyBot, a search engine and database containing more than 32,000 reports, news articles, and commentaries from some 300 think tanks and advocacy groups, including The Heartland Institute’s own publications. PolicyBot can be searched by keyword, author, publisher, and date of publication, making it an ideal resource for researchers and legislative staffers.


Heartland is unique among think tanks in its production of four monthly public policy newspapers dedicated to reporting on the latest developments in virtually all of the topic areas of concern to national, state, and local elected officials. These newspaper are: Budget & Tax News, Environment and Climate News, School Reform News, and Health Care News.

They are sent in printed form or digitally to all national and state elected officials nationwide. Subscriptions to all five newspapers are available for free online by signing up here. Their content is combined and made available in advance of print publication in our digital magazine, the Heartlander.


Heartland publishes six free e-newsletters that provide commentary and links to research and commentary on a variety of topics. Five are released weekly: Heartland Donor Weekly (summarizing Heartland’s best work); School Choice Weekly (addressing school reform); Consumer Power Report (addressing health care); Climate Change Weekly (addressing climate change news and commentary); and NIPCC Update (addressing climate change science). One newsletter is released biweekly: Lawsuit Abuse Fortnightly (addressing tort reform). Subscriptions to all six newsletters are available for free online by signing up here.


Heartland frequently queries its extensive networks of senior fellows and policy advisors for their reactions to issues in the news and releases their comments in the form of news releases, which can be found here. Sometimes Heartland also issues news releases announcing events and new publications.


The managing editors of Heartland’s five monthly public policy newspapers also maintain issue suites at Heartland’s main Web site where the latest articles for their papers are posted first along with additional research and commentary, news releases, videos, and more. The issue suites can be accessed by clicking on boxes at the top Heartland’s main Web site or by clinking these links:

Budget & Tax
Energy & Environment
Finance & Insurance
Health Care
Legal Reform


Heartland hosts a blog, Somewhat Reasonable, where Heartland senior staff and senior fellows post frequent commentaries that may depart from the usual calm and disinterested tone of its other publications.


In addition to its main Heartland.org Web site, Heartland hosts the following single-issue Web sites:

Climate Change Reconsidered
Climate Conferences
Emerging Issues Forum
Fakegate (Peter Gleick)
Parent Trigger
Reform Medicaid
Save Medicare Part D
Tea Party Toolbox