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A Bleak Picture

March 1, 2013
By Steven A. Camarota, and Karen Zeigler

In this Backgrounder and Report, the authors state that 8 U.S.


In this Backgrounder and Report, the authors state that 8 U.S. senators, collectively known as the Gang of Eight (Gof8), have outlined an immigration plan that allows illegal immigrants to remain in the country and increases legal immigration in the future. One of their chief justifications for allowing illegal immigrants to remain in their jobs, and for increasing immigration, is that the country has a shortage of workers. Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), has made it clear that he believes there is "a shortage of labor" in the country. Moreover, as part the gang's efforts, labor and business leaders are negotiating the details of a new program to bring in more immigrant workers to fill "lesser-skilled" jobsHowever, both nationally and in the states represented by the Gof8, unemployment and non-work is very high among American citizens, especially less-educated citizens (those with no more than a high school education). The less-educated are the most likely to compete with illegal immigrants.

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