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A Federal Strategy to Ensure Secure and Reliable Supplies of Critical Minerals

June 5, 2019
By United States Department of Commerce

Department of Commerce report says the United States is dangerously dependent on imports of critical minerals and the Department of Interior should take steps to remedy the situation.

From the report:

The assured supply of critical minerals and the resiliency of their supply chains are essential to the economic prosperity and national defense of the United States. The United States is heavily dependent on foreign sources of critical minerals and on foreign supply chains resulting in the potential for strategic vulnerabilities to both our economy and military. Mitigating these risks is important and consistent with our country’s National Security Strategy and National Defense Strategy to promote American prosperity and to preserve peace through strength.

The United States imports most critical mineral commodities. Specifically, the United States is import-reliant (imports are greater than 50 percent of annual consumption) for 31 of the 35 minerals designated as critical by the Department of the Interior.The United States does not have any domestic production and relies completely on imports to supply its demand for 14 critical minerals.

This report offers six recommendations reduce U.S. dependence on imported rare earths and including by expanding domestic access to rare earth reserves in the United States.