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Addressing the Physician Shortage By Taking Action

December 4, 2019
By Kevin Dayaratna, PhD., John O'Shea, M.D.

This 2017 report looks at the current system of how the U.S. trains doctors after medical school and why this has led to physician shortages.

According to the report, by Kevin Dayaratna, PhD., and John O'Shea, M.D.:

Despite the incredible advancements in American medical innovation in recent years, problems exist regarding access to care, particularly in rural areas of the country. These problems are due in part to misguided policy decisions, and as a result, the current U.S. system of training doc- tors after graduation from medical school fails to produce the proper number and mix of physicians, while leaving thousands of qualified medical graduates without a pathway to participate in the health care workforce. Allowing medical school graduates to practice under pro- visional medical licenses would take advantage of the existing surplus of medical talent in the U.S., thus mitigating the current shortage of practicing physicians.