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American Federation for Children: Sixth Annual National School Choice Poll Results

January 21, 2020
By Beck Research LLC

The survey of likely voters shows widespread support for school choice.

Voter support for school choice continues to grow year after year. Over the past six years, enthusiasm for the general concept of school choice has remained highly favorable and stable, and specific school choice proposals have grown in support. Our sixth annual national survey among likely 2020 General Election voters illustrates that both the concept of school choice and the specific bill in front of Congress receive strong and diverse support across the country. This year, the concept of school choice is favored by a 69%-to-25% margin, which is the second year in a row with an increase, but support for Education Freedom Scholarship Legislation outpaces the general concept. An incredible 78% back the federal tax-credit scholarship program, including 83% of both African-Americans and Latinos.
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