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Assessing the Costs and Benefits of the Green New Deal’s Energy Policies

July 24, 2019

The energy provisions alone of Green New Deal's "national mobilization," would cost trillions of dollars and result in 5.2 million lost jobs.

From the study: 

The Green New Deal’s government-managed energy plan poses the risk of expansive, disastrous damage to the economy—hitting working Americans the hardest.

Under the most modest estimates, just one part of this new deal costs an average family $165,000 and wipes out 5.2 million jobs with negligible climate benefit.

Removing government-imposed barriers to energy innovation would foster a stronger economy and, in turn, a cleaner environment.

Kevin D. Dayaratna is Senior Statistician and Research Programmer in The Heritage Foundation’s Center for Data Analysis (CDA) and a Policy Advisor with the Heartland Institute.