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Big Green, Inc.: The Money Fueling the Environmental Left

April 16, 2019

Big Green, Inc. : The Money Fueling the Environmental Left

From the Executive Summary:

Today’s environmental movement is fueled by a group of interconnected, left-leaning foundations that are seeking to disrupt the development of America’s energy resources. In order to understand how these groups work together and where the environmental movement’s funding originates, IER developed Big Green, Inc., a database that tracks environmental grants stemming from 14 foundations and directed to over 1,900 grassroots activists groups and totaling more than $4.2 billion. Our key findings include:

• The “David vs. Goliath” narrative surrounding environmental activism is false. Environmental organizations outpace conservative and free-market groups in terms of funding and organizational capacity.

• As evidenced by the emergence of the “Keep it in the Ground” Movement, this money plays a major role in shaping public opinion, which translates to economically destructive policy initiatives that emanate from all levels of government.

• A key strategy of the environmental movement is to target key institutions that drive the ideas that animate our society.

• Environmental funding has been tied to foreign actors, which raises concerns over the role geopolitics plays in environmental advocacy.