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Big Green Money vs Conventional Energy Advocates Foreign-funding for “No” vs “Pro” Conventional Energy in Canada

February 12, 2019

This study exposes how Canadian environmental groups have taken actions and supported position which harm Canada's energy security.

Although Environmental Non-Governmental Organizations (ENGO) in Canada certainly have the right to lobby for their policy preferences, the public should be aware of where their funding comes from and what costs or impacts the policy proposals they push will have on the businesses, household energy costs, jobs, and the economy in general.

This study demonstrates, ENGO’s campaigns to address alleged human influences on global warming, “harm the Canadian economy – blocking necessary energy infrastructure, promoting increased reliance on expensive intermittent sources of electricity supply, urging the imposition of carbon taxes that raise the costs of everything for consumers, and constantly increasing regulations. They say “No” to hydrocarbon energy development.”

Robert Lyman is an economist with 35 years’ experience as an analyst, policy advisor, and senior manager in the Canadian federal government.