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CLIMATE THINKING Broadening the Horizons

June 20, 2018
By Guus Berkhout

Climate change is real, but contrary to popular claims nature, not just human actions contribute to it.

While climate change is real, of the four factors that contribute to it, three are entirely natural, yet the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change focuses its research on just humanity's contribution, ignoring other factors that play huge roles in the current climate shift. 

As the author writes, "Current climate policies are based on the conviction that ‘the science is settled’ and that mankind is the principal cause of global warming." This is untrue and there is no realistic evidence humans can control climate change. The  "four principal causes of climate change [are]: changes in the solar radiation and cosmic rays that reach the Earth’s atmosphere; changes in the Earth’s orbit and the orientation of the Earth’ saxis; changes in volcanism and heat convection from the hot inner Earth;  changes in the emission of climate-affecting gases, produced both by Mother Nature and by mankind."