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Coalition Letter Urging Congress to Oppose Importation of Prescription Drugs

March 27, 2017

Importing drugs from foreign countries would import price controls from foreign governments and result in unsafe and ineffective treatments, according to the letter.

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Health Care News reported in June 2017:

The importation of prescription drugs would essentially import other countries’ “market-distorting” price controls, disrupt innovation by U.S. drug makers, and ultimately increase the cost of health care, according to a letter the coalition sent Congress on March 27.

“[A]lmost every country in the world has excessive price controls that hinder medical innovation,” the letter states. “In these countries, prices are often determined by politicians offering voters seemingly cheap medicines. In reality, the world rides on U.S. research and taxpayers.”

Despite sounding laissez-faire, importing foreign drugs would hinder free trade with tariffs, barriers to innovation, and price controls, according to the letter. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration would have no way verify the safety, authenticity, effectiveness, or national origin of imported drugs, the coalition wrote.

Download the whole letter.

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