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COLD WATER? The Oceans and Climate Change

November 8, 2019
By David Whitehouse

Our current understanding of the Oceans is too uncertain to draw any conclusions concerning whether the modest warming of the globe is increasing ocean temperatures or levels.

From the study:

The study of ocean heat content (OHC) is a subject struggling with inadequate data, ... with no real understanding of the difference between random and systematic errors in OHC data.

Changes in OHC are at the limits of our ability to measure, and made with much uncertainty and many unknowns. 

Although it is is likely OHC has increased over the past few decades, this conclusion is highly uncertain, and, at most would represent a small change, with changes difficult to tease out from natural variability across history.  We face major uncertainties concerning how way heat is transported between the ocean surface to the depths, and through oceanic cycles around the globe.