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Conservatives Support the Revised Corporate Average Fuel Economy Standards

August 30, 2019
By Various

Current CAFE standards are both expensive and dangerous, and the revisions proposed by the Trump administration will save lives and jobs.

From the letter:

Conservatives support the revisions to Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) standards, which will make cars safer and more affordable.

Current CAFE standards are both expensive and dangerous. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that domestic passenger vehicle manufacturers paid more than $77 million for noncompliance with President Obama’s CAFE standards—penalties that will get worse unless these unrealistic standards are changed.

These regulatory costs are directly passed onto the consumer. The proposed Trump administration regulations are estimated to save American consumers an average of nearly $2,500 on each new vehicle purchased. By reducing the cost per vehicle, these new rules will allow families to get into newer, safer vehicles.

The Trump administration’s approach is in direct contrast to efforts by the state of California, which is attempting to impose its unreasonable and irresponsible approach nationwide.

As Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry said in recent congressional testimony, “CAFE does not stand for California Assumes Federal Empowerment.”

CAFE mandates erode consumer choice. The federal government should not decide which vehicle attribute is most valuable for consumers. Fuel economy mandates originate from antiquated and incorrect assumptions of resource scarcity. The SAFE rule is a much needed course correction from expensive, unreasonable standards set by the previous administration. The administration’s proposed rules balance increasing fuel economy with considerations of safety and cost, and we support their approach.