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March 23, 2020
By REA S. HEDERMAN JR., et al.

The Buckeye Institute recommends actions to reduce the negative economic impact of the COVID-19 Epidemic on Ohio's Economy.

In addition to measures to increase the capacity and accessibility of the health care system, Buckeye Institute scholars recommend state and local governments take steps to minimize economic hardship from business closings and stay-at-home orders.

Ohio has already taken some radical measures to slow the virus’s spread by closing schools, shuttering businesses, reducing labor forces, and restricting or eliminating many social gatherings. Businesses and families must now find ways to pay the bills and make ends meet. And soon the state and local governments will face dwindling tax revenues, forcing policymakers to reprioritize and make difficult budget choices.

Policymakers can and should do more to inoculate Ohio from the economic impacts of this crisis.