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edchoice report: 2019 SCHOOLING IN AMERICA

October 24, 2019
By Paul DiPerna. Andrew D. Catt, Michael Shaw

Public Opinion on K–12 Education, Busing, Technology, and School Choice

This is the seventh edition of EdChoice’s Schooling in America Survey. Each year we poll the general public on a range of issues in K–12 education. In 2019, we report polling results based on a nationally representative sample of the general public that includes 1,810 online and phone interviews.

Among the findings:

Parents who have enrolled their children in private schools expressed the highest level of satisfaction (79%) among the four school types—public district, charter, private, and home. Satisfaction with homeschooling decreased by 10 percentage points since last year.

Parents’ schooling preferences do not line up with their real-world experiences. Four out of five students attend a public district school, but less than a third of current school parents would prefer it. Only half of public school teachers would prefer to send their own kids to public district schools.