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Education Savings Accounts: Empowering Kids and Saving Money in Connecticut

November 3, 2017

Few states in America currently confront as many difficult challenges across so many policy fronts as Connecticut.

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From the introduction:

It sounds almost too good to be true – there is a way both to improve opportunity for our state’s children and save money. Education Savings Accounts (ESAs) are an innovative way to increase options for parents and their children, while ensuring that each child in Connecticut has access to a school that will best fit his or her individual needs.

It is clear that we will have to do more with less for Connecticut’s schoolchildren in the coming years. How do we spend taxpayer dollars in a way that is responsible and still helps children achieve to the best of their abilities? ESAs provide an excellent vehicle to increase parent choice, open access and opportunity for more children, and still maintain funding for local schools.

In an effort to demonstrate how ESAs can improve Connecticut’s education landscape, Nonpartisan Action for Better Redding (NABR) and Yankee Institute have partnered to produce this new study, analyzing how Education Savings Accounts (ESAs) could benefit both municipalities and our state as a whole. Although ESAs are hardly a panacea for all of Connecticut’s problems, they do promise both to improve equity and save millions of dollars – and most importantly, offer the opportunity for children across our state to achieve their full potential. 

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