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October 1, 2002

"The Heartland Institute . . . is a highly effective libertarian institute.

"The Heartland Institute . . . is a highly effective libertarian institute."
Milton Friedman
Nobel Laureate

"The Heartland Institute has shown an outstanding ability to apply free market policies to state and local issues, and does so in a way that takes full advantage of the vast amount of intellectual ammunition available. . . . The Heartland Institute has done more with less in a shorter time than any group at the national or state level."
Fred Lee Smith Jr., President
Competitive Enterprise Institute

"Over the years, Heartland has evolved into one of the most important of the current pantheon of state-based conservative policy groups. . . . If ever a trendy phrase 'just-in-time" information has meaning, it is most assuredly illustrated by Heartland's PolicyFax project."
Z Magazine, April 2000

"The Heartland Institute has had a tremendous impact, first in the Midwest and now nationally. The Heartland Institute has played an important role on issues ranging from education to health care. My hat's off to Joe Bast and his dedicated staff. They've done a great job."
Edward H. Crane, President
Cato Institute

"The Heartland Institute has served as the harbinger for thoughtful change in the public policy arena, in issues ranging from educational choice to tax policy, and I salute you. I look forward to the continued success of The Heartland Institute, and to working with you to effectuate change for the public good of the citizens of Illinois."
Hon. George H. Ryan
Governor, Illinois

"The Heartland Institute is known for providing timely and useful information to both the public and the legislature on important education issues."
Hon. Lee A. Daniels
Speaker of the House, Illinois

"If the NEA [National Education Association] and other public education organizations have their outlets, so do the choice forces: School Reform News."
The Baltimore Sun

"There is a superb monthly newspaper called School Reform News which discusses, in plain English, all of the big debates in education policy. SRN provides the latest studies and the latest reports on key issues, including the cost of various reform programs."
Metro West Daily News (Framingham, MA)

"Quite honestly, Heartland's PolicyFax has been an essential resource for my nationally syndicated radio program. Unquestionably, Heartland is the leading source in providing important public policy information."
Phil Paleologos
Host, "America, Good Morning!"

"The Heartland Institute's work is extremely important, and deserves the support of concerned citizens."
Calvin Campbell, Jr.
1999 Chairman
National Association of Manufacturers

"Papers of the quality and authority of those of The Heartland Institute are especially valuable."
Randall J. Pozdena
Assistant Vice President
Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco

"The Heartland Institute's work on taxes, school reform, welfare, and so many other issues has been invaluable to me as an elected official. I cite Heartland all the time, and use PolicyFax regularly to stay on top of the issues."
Chris Lauzen
State Senator, Illinois

"[] is where policymakers, congressional staffers, conservative activists and media workers regularly come for information and research on a broad array of issues. There are no comparable sites for progressive organizations."
CultureWatch, April 2000

Intellectual Ammunition

"Intellectual Ammunition is impressive. The content, and the form in which information is presented, makes it by far one of the most useful newsletters in the conservative movement."
Pat Chovanec
Policy Analyst
Project for the Republican Future

"Your magazine is great - the best source of information I've seen. Keep up the good work."
Rep. Mary Ann Stevens (MS)

"This concise and important information is invaluable."
Rep. Wilbur Spring (MT)

"Your "Intellectual Ammunition" is full of concentrated material needed by anyone in a position of appropriating monies for state and local governments."
Sen. Ray David (ND)

"This is terrific. I clipped it apart and shipped it off to half a dozen friends and antagonists as support, new ideas, better arguments and resources."
Rep. Roger Heath (NH)

"For one who has many demands on efficient use of time, I appreciated the manner in which the articles cut through wordiness and presented the facts and the point to be made."
Rep. Richard A. Thompson (IN)

"I need to become more familiar with the publication; however, I am encouraged by the information. It is difficult to receive policy directions that are not prepared by the government bureaucracy."
Rep. Pat Ranson (KS)

School Reform News

"This publication will be enormously helpful to those of us who continue to fight the battle for school choice."
J. Stanley Marshall, Chairman and CEO
The James Madison Institute

"School Reform News is a godsend! It keeps me up to date on the latest news from across the nation about serious education reform, vouchers, tuition tax credits, and other school choice efforts. It's timely, it's reliable, it's insightful."
Dr. John W. Cooper, President and Headmaster
Wichita Collegiate School, Wichita, Kansas

"School Reform News is performing an excellent service in support of educational improvement and reform. I will be happy to cooperate in any way possible with your splendid enterprise. Please advise."
Dr. Dan McGarry, editor
Freedom in Education

"For advocates of real reform, School Reform News provides one-stop shopping for what's important and where we ought to deploy our resources. It is a unique and valuable resource in the battle for our children's future."
Clint Bolick, Litigation Director
Institute for Justice

"School Reform News is great! Though I'm not a particular fan of the tabloid newspaper format, you may have changed my mind. It's informative, readable, and pleasing to the eye. Congratulations!"
Noel Card, Public Affairs Director
American Legislative Exchange Council

"School Reform News is a top-notch, professionally designed newspaper which reports on American educational reform from a grassroots perspective."
Quentin Quade, Ph.D., President
The Blum Center

"School Reform News is one of the most encouraging things to happen to our movement during the entire time I've been a member of it. This is a monthly newspaper that is absolutely filled -- from start to end -- with news about what's happening with the school reform movement, and it's all told from the perspective of the consumer. If you've been looking for something that comes regularly, reinforces your point of view, and lends credibility to our entire movement, then you should call The Heartland Institute to learn how to subscribe."
Dave Ziffer, school reform activist
Batavia, Illinois

"I like the format, and it's a refreshing alternative to Education Week. I wish you well in this initiative."
William Edgerly, director
CEOs for Fundamental Change in Education

"I found the publication to be very exciting. I could not place it anywhere on a spectrum of liberal/conservative, Republican/Democrat. It just seems interested in quality education and finding out what works. It is the most refreshing publication on education that I've seen in some time."
John J. McMahon
Office of the Attorney General
Boise, Idaho

"My compliments on School Reform News -- each issue has been packed with valuable information. I'm glad Heartland has undertaken this project, and I encourage you to keep up the good work."
Brandon Dutcher
Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs

"The Heartland Institute is probably the most important advocate of school choice in the Midwest. It publishes a great newspaper, School Reform News, which documents the battles in the war for better schools."
Martin Henrichs
Leadership Councils of America

Past Heartland Publications
Notable Endorsements

"[Rebuilding America's Schools] is a splendid job and I congratulate you very much on it. It is clearly having an impact. . . . Keep up the good work."
Milton Friedman
Nobel Laureate
Hoover Institution

"(The Heartland Institute's) Why We Spend Too Much On Health Care has done a superb job disentangling fact from fiction and explaining the dynamics of health costs."
Stuart M. Butler, Director of Domestic Studies
The Heritage Foundation

"Every American owes it to himself or herself to become informed about the national debate over health care reform. Why We Spend Too Much On Health Care is an excellent place to start."
Hon. Richard Armey
Congressman, Texas

"You obviously have a thorough understanding of our current health care system, and it is refreshing to read your 'Common Sense' approach to this matter."
Hon. Phil Gramm
U.S. Senator, Texas

"Just received the Heartland book on health care last week. I read all 100+ pages in about three hours on Tuesday. It is simply outstanding -- my highest compliments to everyone involved! It's readable, addresses all of the big government advocates' emotional factoids, and it offers realistic solutions. Excellent, excellent, excellent."
Jerry Naughton, President
Manpower Services (Springfield, IL)

"Why We Spend Too Much on Health Care is the single best thing I've read in this area. Chapter 1 should be required reading for every journalist and policymaker."
Dr. Jerry Ellig
Center for the Study of Market Processes
George Mason University

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