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Explore Offshore for Virginia

February 12, 2019
By Explore Offshore Coalition

Argues U.S. Department of the Interior should pursue opportunities to develop oil and gas in federal waters off Virginia's coasts.

Opening Offshore's letter states:

Opening offshore federal waters to energy development presents a unique opportunity for Virginia to boost the state economy, create new well-paying jobs, and create new revenue sources for important issues such as state infrastructure and public schools. Explore Offshore represents nearly 50 Virginia based businesses and community leaders, and we urge you to support the inclusion of the Atlantic OCS into the Department of Interior’s 5-year offshore program for 2019-2024. Doing so would benefit Virginia and could help create thousands of jobs across the nation, help the nation to become more energy secure and diversify coastal economies.   
... Our coalition is dedicated to responsibly securing America’s energy future, and that begins with expanding domestic natural gas and oil development, specifically in the Atlantic, which could spur over $1.8 billion in annual spending, add more than $1.5 billion to our state and local tax revenues over the next two decades, and support nearly 25,000 new jobs in Virginia.