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Global Warming Hysteria: Made in China

September 9, 2012
By Ronald J. Rychlak

The global warming movement “exhibits all of the characteristics of a disinformation operation secretly launched by the government of Communist China and willingly or inadvertently promoted by Western businessmen, scientists, politicians and journalists.”

Ronald J. Rychlak, Professor and Jamie L. Whitten Chair of Law at the University of Mississippi School of Law, is the author or co-author of eight books, including Real and Demonstrative Evidence: Applications and Theory (3rd ed., 2012), Hitler, the War, and the Pope (2nd ed., 2010), and Disinformation  (WND Books, 2013). The most recent book was co-authored with the highest ranking Soviet Bloc intelligence officer ever to defect.

Rychlak goes on to write, “For most of my life I believed disinformation was just another name for a political lie. As I now know, disinformation is a secret and c complex intelligence tool intended to bestow a nongovernment cachet on government propaganda. I also know that in order for a disinformation operation to succeed it must be built around a ‘kernel of truth’ – to make the lie credible.” When Rychlak applied his new understanding of disinformation tactics to the issue of global warming, a topic “which I have studied and written on for over 20 years,” he was “astonished to find the above disinformation criteria present in much of the global –warming hoopla.”