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Healthy and Working: Benefits of Work Requirements for Medicaid Recipients

December 3, 2018
By Rea S. Hederman Jr.

New Research by The Buckeye Institute Finds Work Requirements Would Increase Lifetime Earnings for Medicaid Recipients

A policy report from the Buckeye Institute’s Economic Research Center finds that work and community engagement requirements keep benefit recipients participating in the work force, helping them gain valuable work experience and generate higher earnings and income.

Based on publicly available economic data, researchers found that implementing work requirements could: increase the lifetime earnings to close to $1 million for individuals who transition off of Medicaid; ncrease lifetime earnings by more than $212,000 for women and more than $323,000 for men who remain on Medicaid for their entire working life; and raise the hours worked per week by 22 hours for women (from 12 hours to 34 hours per week), and by 25 hours for men (from 13 hours to 38 hours per week), bringing Medicaid recipients well above the typical 20 hours per week requirement.