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September 20, 2020
By Gautam Kalghatgi and Auke Hoekstra

This debate examines the environmental benefits and costs of electric cars when compared to vehicles with internal combustion engines.

From the study:

In a recent Guardian column, environmental activist George Monbiot warned that electric cars won’t solve the problems of car pollution:

If, as a forecast by the National Grid proposes, the current fleet is replaced by 35m electric cars, we’ll simply create another environmental disaster.

In early September, Thomas Ingenlath, the chief executive of electric car company Polestar, acknowledged that electric cars are not clean. 

This paper is a debate between  Gautam Kalghatgi, a fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering, the Institute of Mechanical Engineers and the Society of Automotive Engineers, and Auke Hoekstra, founder and director of the NEON research program, which compares the climate impact of fossil and renewable technologies at the Eindhoven University of Technology, concerning the environmental and climate benefits and drawbacks of electric vehicles when compared to vehicles with internal combustion engines.