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Petition Letter to Natural History Museum Concerning Rebekah Mercer

February 4, 2018

Scientists petitioning the Natural History Museum not to cave into climate activist and request board member Rebekah Mercer to resign.

From the letter:

"The American Museum of Natural History has a long and honorable tradition of enlightening the world at large with outstanding scientific exhibits and public lectures.

But now there are agitators waving signs in front of the Museum. They are vilifying a scientifically-engaged trustee, Rebekah Mercer, who helps make these exhibits possible with generous donations.

It is unlikely that Ms. Mercer and all of the signers would vote for the same political candidates. But all of us urge the Museum trustees not to cave in to this pressure. Make no mistake, the agitators are not defending science from quackery—quite the contrary! They demand that the Museum support a party line, thinly disguised as science."

Willie Soon is an astrophysicist and a geoscientist based in Cambridge, Massachusetts.
J. Scott Armstrong, professor at the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, is a founder of the Journal of Forecasting, International Journal of Forecasting, and International Symposium on Forecasting. He is the creator of forecastingprinciples.