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Policy, Pilots and the Path to Competency-Based Education: A National Landscape

June 26, 2017

A Survey of Current State Law and Policy on Competency-Based Education in K-12 Systems

From the conclusion: 

Interest in competency-based and personalized learning models continues to increase. Educators are seeking innovative ways to meet students where they are and ensure they are truly college and career ready. Simultaneously, the tension between the new transformational, flexible, student-centered systems and our traditional, standardized policies is becoming more apparent. The research contained in this report clearly demonstrates that the process of redesigning education—from assessment, accountability, credit, diploma to graduation policies—will be unique to each state’s context, be incremental and take time.

This finding reinforced our belief that pilot programs can provide a mechanism to do just that—and more. States can use innovation and pilot programs to harness existing flexibility while they transition to the broader systemic changes necessary for the implementation and sustainability of competency-based education. The experiences of pilot participants will craft the unique policy pathway for each state. 

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