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Public Health Evaluation of Ambient Air Near a Shale Gas Well Site and School Campus: Results from Long-term Air Monitoring at the Yonker Well Site Nearby the Fort Cherry School Campus in Washington County, PA

May 10, 2019
By Staff

Gradient’s two-year analysis finds emissions from the Yonker natural gas hydraulic fracturing well site near two schools in Washington County, Pennsylvania pose no health risk to youths attending the schools.

From the Executive Summary:

  • This air quality and public health evaluation of December 2016 to October 2018 ambient air quality data collected at three sites in proximity to the Yonker well pad in Mount Pleasant Township showed that measured PM2.5 and VOC concentrations were consistently below health-based air comparison values and thus are not expected to pose acute or chronic health concerns.   
  • The monitoring data for two of the air monitoring sites located between the Yonker well pad and the Fort Cherry School District campus indicate an absence of air quality impacts of potential health concern at the Fort Cherry School District campus associated with Yonker well pad air emissions.   
  • The measured PM2.5 and VOC concentrations do not provide evidence of elevated longterm average concentrations relative to other parts of Washington County that are more distant from local natural gas development.