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Renewable Term Health Insurance: Better Coverage Than Obamacare

June 4, 2019

Chris Pope of the Manhattan Institute makes the case of how so-called "short-term" insurance plans are not "junk insurance" and how expansion of access will not leave the federal government with a bigger bill to take care of the sick.

In this 19 page policy paper, fellow Chris Pope explains how renewable-term health insurance plans can be a long term solution to putting the health care insurance market back into the hands of consumers.  Renewable plans, sometimes referred to as "short-term" plans are really the traditional health insurance plans consumers used to buy before Obamacare.  Some politicians and the media deride them as "junk insurance" because they don't include all the extras in ACA compliant plans.  Instead, the plans allow consumers more flexibility in choosing what they want at a price they are willing to pay.