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TCI Opposition Letter

December 11, 2019
By Carol Platt Liebau, et al.

The signatories are opposed to states joining the Transportation & Climate Initiative because it will unnecessarily raise energy costs.

From the letter: 

We, the undersigned, represent citizens and businesses in states currently considering participation in an interstate compact known as the Transportation and Climate Initiative (TCI), a carbon tax “cap and trade” proposal for reducing carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from fossil motor fuel use. ...

The TCI is intended to make purchasing transportation fuels so painfully expensive that the astronomically high price discourages people from buying it. In short, consumers will have to pay more at the pump to fund increased government spending. Make no mistake, this is a tax. More precisely, it is a carbon dioxide tax being implemented through a gas tax.

But, unlike motor fuel taxes levied to pay for roads, bridges, and transportation infrastructure (a reasonable fee for use), the TCI would be the equivalent of a “sin tax” – a penalty for engaging in bad behavior. We do not believe that driving to and for work, transporting children to school, transporting goods, going to the grocery store, and all the other necessary activities that generally require a vehicle should be treated by governments as a sin. These are not activities people can, or should be forced to, avoid.