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Ten Reasons for Australia to Exit Paris Now

January 17, 2019
By Viv Forbes

The Paris climate agreement is based on seriously flawed science and Australia should follow the Trump administration's example and withdraw from it for the good of the country.

Australia's Saltbush Club provides 10 reasons the Australian government should withdraw from the Paris climate agreement. Among those reasons are:

1) Australia's joining the Paris Climate Agreement was based on the claim the science is settled that humans are causing dangerous climate change but the science is not in fact settled.

2) The present warming it not unusual.

3) Carbon dioxide is not a pollutant.

4) Developing countries will continue producing carbon dioxide in levels far exceeding any reductions made in developed countries.

5) With a huge continent, a small population and heavy reliance on exports, each Australian will be heavily penalised by the Paris Agreement for the emissions associated with exports consumed by others.

6) Compliance with the Paris Agreement will destroy industries and jobs, encourage bureaucracy and transfer controls and money to affiliates of the United Nations