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The Biden Energy Plan Is Like California’s—But Worse

October 6, 2020
By Staff, IER

The energy plan adopted by the campaign of Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden, would take restrictive California-like policies nationwide, but be worse because there are no other energy sources to bail out the nation.

From the study:

Former Vice President and Democratic Party presidential nominee Joe Biden is setting aside $2 trillion for his “clean energy” plan that would replace fossil fuels on the electrical grid by 2035—10 years earlier than California’s state goal. California currently requires 60 percent of its generation to come from renewable energy by 2030 and 100 percent to come from zero-carbon sources by 2045

California’s renewable energy polices have resulted in rolling blackouts during a recent heatwave. The state could not import enough reliable energy from neighboring states, which the it normally does when its own energy cannot keep the lights on. Biden's plan will force the rest of the country toward a similar plight with his “clean energy standard,” with no outside backup supply of reliable power to be delivered to the nation's electric grid when wind and solar fail.