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The Buckeye Institute on Ohio's Need for Occupational Licensing Reform

November 27, 2018

November 27, 2018, Testimony before the Ohio House Federalism and Interstate Relations Committee on Senate Bill 255

SB 255 takes several steps toward fixing Ohio’s occupational licensing problem. First, policymakers would be required to use the least restrictive regulation. Secondly, Boards that the General Assembly does not proactively reauthorize would simply dissolve. Finally, in addition to its sunset provisions, SB255 also creates a ‘sunrise’ review process to be used whenever a new licensing bill is introduced.

Greg R. Lawson is the Statehouse Liaison and Policy Analyst at the Buckeye Institute. Lawson graduated summa cum laude from Ohio State University in 2000 with a Major in Communications and a Minor in Economics. @GregRLawson