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February 27, 2021

Montgomery County's proposed climate action plan would be disasterous for residents.

From the testimony:

I raise five issues concerning the Plan:

  • Addressing the alleged threat of runaway global warming is not and should not be a county government priority and is an unconscionable waste of taxpayer resources. The schooling system is deficient in many ways. Many areas of the county suffer serious crime problems. COVID has devasted many businesses. There are real environmental issues to be addressed. These problems, not the alleged warming dangers, are the county government’s priorities and responsibilities.
  • The Plan offers no credible estimate of the global warming it proports to mitigate. That is, the Plan will have no measurable impact on the feared warming. It will make no measurable difference.
  • The draconian measures proposed to make the county “carbon free” would impose extreme burdens and costs on citizens, taxpayers and businesses in the county, again, with no measurable impact on the alleged problem.
  • The Plan’s assertions, assumptions and predictions about alleged warming harm are arbitrary, scientifically unsound, out-of-context, and can be challenged with solid scientific evidence.
  • The burden of proof that the benefits of this Plan would more than outweigh the clear harm it would inflict on county citizens is on those who propose it. They have come nowhere near meeting that burden, especially because the Plan would have no measurable impact on warming.
Edward Hudgins is a senior fellow for The Heartland Institute.