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THE FUTURE OF GB ELECTRICITY SUPPLY Security, Cost and Emissions in a Net-zero System

February 24, 2020
By Colin Gibson and Capell Aris

Any attempt by Great Britain to reach net-zero carbon dioxide emissions would come at a high cost to its peoples, its businesses, and its government.

Attempts to reach net zero carbon dioxide emissions from its electric power sector as outlined in either the Community Renewables scenario or the “Two Degrees” scheme under consideration by the National Grid would lead to energy shortages and high costs. As the author’s write:

The uncontrollable variability (intermittency) of ‘renewables’ presents significant difficulties, and energy storage facilities, amongst other measures, are required to mitigate this shortcoming.

In addition to being unreliable and insecure, the scenario is nevertheless extremely expensive compared to the alternative scenarios; the aggregated extra costs to 2050 exceed £1.4 trillion.